What is a Fabulous Pouf?

I have been preparing this brief text about what is exactly a Fabulous PoufPlease read it, and in the meantime, I'll leave you with Mme. Carmin-Rouge Pouf and her Horn of Plenty. If you want to go back to her story and details, let me remind you it can be found below the t-shirt post.

Carmin-Rouge Pouf by Gaby De la O © 2011


  1. So hey, saw your cutesy stuff on etsy and was reminded of this other artist...


    No artsy nonsense, less money.

    Thought you ought to know...

  2. Hey Nancy, thank you for taking some time to send Valerie's work. Beautiful, similar approach and different attention to detail ;)

  3. You're welcome, I just love helping out. ;)


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