Poufs Cardinales!

I started to paint these two ladies some days ago. They have been traced on an acrylic coat of two different hues of red: Cardinal and Cerise. Their poufs are heavy detailed (I think this is the most elaborate one I have done so far on a canvas) and if you look closely, you will find a sophisticated design of bouquets, peacock feathers, arches, drapery and some liquorice confits and chocolate inspired jewellery (oh yes, let them have some treats!). Atop, two distinctive and fantastic butterflies crown their dos.  I am very happy to finally put them for sale at my shop where you will find even more images. Here are some photos of the process of priming, painting and inking. So there you go, enjoy and if you like it spread the word :) In the meantime, I will be working in a third canvas which will be uploaded soon. Thanks for stopping by!

Ta da!

Inking at 00:00


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