Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Doodling around

Dear everyone,

I have been feeling very enthusiastic discovering the kind side of doodling. Ever since I discovered Creativebug, and this workshop by Pam Garrison, the world of doodles have come on my aid.

As I was just saying on Instagram earlier, I find difficult to take care of a little 2 month baby and finding time to grab my watercolours, acrylics, canvas, brushes, paper and make something.

I have discovered the world of doodling, and I am loving it!

I love the fact that using markers makes the whole process so effective, quick and beautiful. It feels like going back to primary school, or decorating love letters to your favourite boy band. Oh I had plenty of them!

So these are some snaps of my daily life creating in a new studio: MY SOFA! The only place where I can feed my baby and doodle around. I am also sharing some more doodles.


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Back to drawing and painting

Dear everyone,
It has been more than a month since my last post and it is unbelievable how many things have happened in just a few weeks… Time is flying!
I have a beautiful baby boy attached 24/7 on me, and I am also very glad to say I have survived the dreadful first new born weeks. I have managed so well on this one. No post depression, breastfeeding going smoothly, not even overwhelming lack of sleep.
I have even managed to do some Poufs which I am very keen to share with you. So Im back on track!
I have also some ideas for these ones, so I am thinking to open my Etsy shop again so anybody interested to acquire them as prints they will be available very soon. The production and marketing is still something I just started to work on. So stay tuned!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Finding time to draw my very pregnant self.

Not too long now. Any day, any minute, I know my little boy will be coming to this world. In the midst of nursery shopping, hospital bag preparations, and final job instructions for my maternity leave, I managed to find some time to do some drawings.

Following my interest on the demonstration against women’s violence in Mexico, I found myself more aware of the possibility of letting myself go and flow with whatever I felt necessary to keep drawing.

At 37 weeks and heavily pregnant, I am giving in the opportunity to explore how my body feels and aches, and how it automatically prepares for labour, contracting and making funny shapes. This has certainly given me some raw material to find inspiration.

Last night I couldn’t go to sleep so I went to the living room, grabbed my A2 pad, carbon stick and sat on the floor. Some interesting characters were born during that tiny time between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m.

This exercise proved better than trying to sleep or rest during the day. Even meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, you name it… This was way better.

Today, as I was cautiously and slowly carrying my 15 kg toddler asleep on one arm, a 2 kg grocery bag on the other and around 3kg of my bump weight, up 16 steps to get home and soaked as rain caught me on my way back, I thought… Wow. we mothers are truly amazing, truly strong and spirited. Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day in Mexico, last Sunday, America celebrated their mothers too.

F*** it. Us mothers, do not need your spa vouchers or last minute holidays, we need equal pay, equal rights, the assurance of walking safely at night. We need equal distribution of parenting and household management. We need access to a good and paid cleaning service otherwise!

Hormonal art, I call it.

I love it.


Monday, 25 April 2016

The portraiture of suffering, shame, pride and bulged bodies in uncertain times.

Hello everybody!

This week I have been working on a new project. A completely different thing from my regular practice of creating intricate Fabulous Poufs designs.

This week I decided to take part on one of probably the biggest demonstrations of my home country about violence against women. On sunday April 24th, several feminist organisations and women in Mexico demonstrated in various cities against a mind-blowing wave of violence in Mexico.

I would like to briefly explain how it all happened for me.

(Last) Tuesday. Morning.
My daughter is at nursery and I have plenty of time (finally! tears in my eyes…) to grab my brushes and quietly work on a watercolour I had left unattended. Looking for something to listen while I worked, the name of Kara Walker popped. “Who is she?” – sorry Art world, I’ve been a mum and I have no shame on telling that I have been living in a Cbeebies world.

I looked into A Sublety of the Marvelous Sugar Baby exhibition and a talk at Harvard came along. I started watching it.

Her creative process explaining on how she came up with this installation was so clear and inspiring. Most of all, I really loved to hear from her thatshe could not escape being political and talk about race.

And then I thought…

Where are the renown Mexican artists talking about political issues and making a statement of the current problems that our country is dealing with? Women’s rights? Students being killed by the military, journalists shot in the head for being outspoken? On-your-face-shameless Political Corruption? Where is that work that speaks up? How come that an opportunity to make the most out of the public international spaceis not being taken?

I thought it was time to take part, at least from this side of the world and start a project on women’s issues because I experienced it on every single day when I lived in Mexico City. I was one of thousands of women, many more before me, dealing with sexual harassment, filthy words whispering in your ear, struggling every morning on what NOT to wear to provoke men on the street. I even had somebody taking photos of my legs and under my skirt. Oh yes, I had experienced all that.

After all this time working on a more European style for my Poufs, I was very happy to rediscover Pre-hispanic art. Something that definitely was closer to home and my heart. Finding the classic iconography of Mexican skulls (calaveritas) and Day of the Dead imagery was certainly everywhere. Indigenous costumes with wide skirts and colourful broad shirts. But then I found these female figurines of Tlatilco, from Central Mexico that they struck me rather interesting to compare with the European goddess figurines from Ancient art.

I wondered about the shape of the Mexican female body… Do they match with what we see on TV shows, on advertising campaigns for beauty products, hair products? You must know that more than half of these advertising images we grow up with in Mexico are rammed with tall, slim and blond white women.

What do I see in these photographs? Wide faces, long dark hair, dark lips, dark race. Mexican women.

Pledging for justice.

Crying out for justice.

Standing for their rights, for their jobs, for their daughters.

This has been a very fulfilling exercise and I certainly do not see myself giving up anytime soon.


#24A #VivasNosQueremos #NoesNo

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Not so pretty.

One can find unexpected beams of inspiration while doing the washing up. On Monday, out of nothing and in the midst of soaping and rinsing, some sort of thought led me to think aboutLouise Bourgeois. I have been always fascinated by the idea of being an old woman and still be able to create, nurture and be very opinionated at will.

I stumbled on this particular video of her work on which Tracy Emin explains their collaboration and personality. A true beauty.

With my pregnancy going on, and this big bump looking like a humongous pumpkin, I have given myself permission to wear a black pair of the softest dungarees my good friend Zee lent me some weeks ago.

Dressed like that, I pretty much felt like Mrs Emin sporting confy sleepers in her studio.

This is what it came up from that while watching/listening to both shows.

Having in mind the recent horrendous gang rape cases related to a rise on violence against women in Mexico, I could not help myself to somehow think about how little we have accomplished to lessen street harrasment, sexism and rape in this pretty country of ours.

These drawings are all about rage and body counscioussness.

Please take a moment to read the case of Daphne here and that one of Vice Magazine correspondent Andrea Noel in Mexico City.

See you shortly.

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