Thursday, 10 November 2016

The new beauty peagant? Some words about monetising our children.

Dear everyone,

I have been thinking to blog something about this for quite some time. I just had never found the time to do it. Looks like it is now or never when I share this with you and hopefully get some discussion going.

Ok so. Part of my everyday entertainment guilty pleasures is watching Youtube family daily vlogs.
This started some 6 years ago when incidentally looking for makeup tutorials the feed took me to the lives of the people uploading these videos. I started the family life videos because of practicality. I wanted to know what to pack for my hospital bag when I was pregnant with Emilia, my first daughter. I absolutely had no idea That is how I found these videos and started following a couple.

However, you also have the other side of this experience. The profitable one. I've been witness of YouTubers moving out from a one bedroom house to a spectacular countryside 5 bedroom home, from having flawed teeth to perfect smiles, evolving from the trashy look to the glamorous in less than a 5 year period.

No wonder why so many of us want to join and blog our lives for a profit. But, have you noticed how everything is evolving so fast that there is no even time to enjoy people as they are initially a little bit more normal and then mums who some months ago were blogging about the unfashionable, messy parenting life and now suddenly dressing their children with tagged brands on Instagram? YouTubers selling their family photos as calendars. Auto-marketing. Self-marketing. The century of the self...

I have heard some parents on YouTube say that they are grateful they have the opportunity to film their family life and not having a regular job so they can spend time with their children all day. YouTube provides this chance if your work means that you will open the door to millions of strangers to come in. But at what cost?

It is not only the nasty comments but even life threats from people that you might get, as Amelia Tait says in her article last year, it is also the moral and psychological consequences for making your children celebrities.

In this new economy, we, the watchers, the followers,  are working for these parents and providing their big income. Just by watching an intimate morning wake up with the kids, a Sunday breakfast or a day at the farm, we make possible that they can spend a 30 quid in a candle or openly talk about buying another Land rover.

I must confess here, I've been tempted in the past to do the same thing because in a way I think what you want to do probably is to connect. to share your experience. there is something very rewarding when you post something and you get people reacting or sympathising wit you. However I come from a country that it is best to keep your family life behind doors rather than sharing with 4 million people reacting to what and how you live.

One could say, if the content is there then you could think it is free for anyone to comment whatever you want, right? The other day I was watching the Saccone Jolys in which Anna, the mum, said something that I otherwise would only share it with my close friends or family. She was saying to the camera in the most casual way how much she is in need of a playroom for her two children. And she added "I know it sounds like a first world problem but, I just wanted it so much" and then just to think they live in a lovely four bedroom house in Surrey and to think that 1,000 children lived in the Calais Refugee Camp. It is not to criticise Anna, it's just that things like this gives us an scope of the world we are living in. Anna can dream and will get her playroom soon, just because people like me or her 2 million followers watch her saying this. 

Sunday, 30 October 2016

It's Autumn already!

Gaby de la O © Fabulous Pouf, Watercolour, 2016.
Dear all, 

I know we are all very well into autumn by now, but I am very glad to share with you what I have been working during this past summer. If you follow me on Instagram, our Summer was filled with the arrival of my new baby and along with that, a lot of rainbow inspiration. 

Thought I should share with you what we were up to this summer *sigh* and make sure you follow me on Instagram for some more news!

Gaby de la O © Fabulous Pouf, Watercolour, 2016. 

Gaby de la O © Fabulous Pouf, Watercolour, 2016.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Doodling around

Dear everyone,

I have been feeling very enthusiastic discovering the kind side of doodling. Ever since I discovered Creativebug, and this workshop by Pam Garrison, the world of doodles have come on my aid.

As I was just saying on Instagram earlier, I find difficult to take care of a little 2 month baby and finding time to grab my watercolours, acrylics, canvas, brushes, paper and make something.

I have discovered the world of doodling, and I am loving it!

I love the fact that using markers makes the whole process so effective, quick and beautiful. It feels like going back to primary school, or decorating love letters to your favourite boy band. Oh I had plenty of them!

So these are some snaps of my daily life creating in a new studio: MY SOFA! The only place where I can feed my baby and doodle around. I am also sharing some more doodles.


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Back to drawing and painting

Dear everyone,
It has been more than a month since my last post and it is unbelievable how many things have happened in just a few weeks… Time is flying!
I have a beautiful baby boy attached 24/7 on me, and I am also very glad to say I have survived the dreadful first new born weeks. I have managed so well on this one. No post depression, breastfeeding going smoothly, not even overwhelming lack of sleep.
I have even managed to do some Poufs which I am very keen to share with you. So Im back on track!
I have also some ideas for these ones, so I am thinking to open my Etsy shop again so anybody interested to acquire them as prints they will be available very soon. The production and marketing is still something I just started to work on. So stay tuned!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Finding time to draw my very pregnant self.

Not too long now. Any day, any minute, I know my little boy will be coming to this world. In the midst of nursery shopping, hospital bag preparations, and final job instructions for my maternity leave, I managed to find some time to do some drawings.

Following my interest on the demonstration against women’s violence in Mexico, I found myself more aware of the possibility of letting myself go and flow with whatever I felt necessary to keep drawing.

At 37 weeks and heavily pregnant, I am giving in the opportunity to explore how my body feels and aches, and how it automatically prepares for labour, contracting and making funny shapes. This has certainly given me some raw material to find inspiration.

Last night I couldn’t go to sleep so I went to the living room, grabbed my A2 pad, carbon stick and sat on the floor. Some interesting characters were born during that tiny time between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m.

This exercise proved better than trying to sleep or rest during the day. Even meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, you name it… This was way better.

Today, as I was cautiously and slowly carrying my 15 kg toddler asleep on one arm, a 2 kg grocery bag on the other and around 3kg of my bump weight, up 16 steps to get home and soaked as rain caught me on my way back, I thought… Wow. we mothers are truly amazing, truly strong and spirited. Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day in Mexico, last Sunday, America celebrated their mothers too.

F*** it. Us mothers, do not need your spa vouchers or last minute holidays, we need equal pay, equal rights, the assurance of walking safely at night. We need equal distribution of parenting and household management. We need access to a good and paid cleaning service otherwise!

Hormonal art, I call it.

I love it.

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