Pouf and Tee

I've been helplessly craving for fabric lately, reaching compulsive levels in looking for any material to pouf up. In this case, I bought some fabric markers and a white cotton t-shirt. Not that I am claiming genius I know, but I am fascinated with the results: the black and white contrast, the detail even if composed of thick spirals, and lastly the bright beautiful blue every now and then.

The very first hand painted Fab Pouf T-shirt.
The Pouf is part of a limited edition of 3 illustrations which will see the light in the form of t-shirts soon. I have added some photos of the 6 non-stop hours inking down, and yes, some pictures of myself modelling. Should I keep it or do something else with it? Erm, yes, I'll wear it as a turban.

Some snaps of the process...

Late at night.

Tee is elastic and fresh.

'Nough said. 


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