The Horns of Plenty: Corsa & Carmin Rouge-Poufs

Corsa & Carmin Rouge-Poufs

Well, I guess these names are getting more and more flamboyant, but that is what is all about being a Fabulous Pouf. As the name indicates, I was inspired by the Horns of Plenty or Cornucopia, which is the Greco-Roman symbol that depicts abundance, fertility, fortune and harvest.

I know I am a bit early for Thanksgiving! But this symbol made perfect sense to explore it further when mixed with the extravagant and celebratory idea of The Pouf. The design for both paintings shows a horn of plenty at the centre which has let loose apples, pears, pumpkins, corns, grapes. I have also added some feathers.

"Corsa" is a term in Italian for a bright shade of red.  

This one, "Carmin" stands for a paler shade of red. 

And thanks to this photo filter they look even and dreamy.

Non?La la lá!Once again, the ladies present themselves as unique, with non-repetitive faces... These paintings are selling at my shop right now and will be soon added to my portfolio very soon. Keep in touch.   


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