The Pumpkin Sisters: Madame Mandarino

Madame Mandarino, 2011 by Gaby De la O. 
Acrylic, ink, watercolour on canvas, 7 x 5'

Dear all,

Let me introduce you The Pumpkin 2011 Series by the Fabulous Poufs. The first set of canvas is called The Pumpkin Sisters. The one you can se here is "Madame Mandarino", and her name is based on the bright orange colour of her background and the hues of the outsized pumpkins that decorate her hairdo. For this lady, I used acrylic, black and grey pigment inks, watercolour and glass paint. Like the rest of the canvases, it's unique, handmade, and lovingly poufed up :) This work will be available soon for sale on my shop, so in the meantime, she will be happily living with the rest of the Poufs  (I will share a photo of little Poufland soon).

Detail of the Pouf.

I'll come back tomorrow to introduce her sister..., so stay tuned and fabulous!



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