La Grande Citrouille

La Grande Citrouille, 2011
Acrylic, ink, watercolour on canvas, 7 x 5' 

Hello everybody,

This is the last canvas from the Halloween Series 2011: "La Grande Citrouille". The name stands for Pumpkin in French, and the fruit is based on the massive type of pumpkin which is called "Curcubita Maxima". This is an original painting in which I used ink, watercolour and acrylic.

This is also a very meaningful little work, as I will be heading back to Mexico this weekend. Hence, La Grande Citrouille is the last work with which I say goodbye to this studio.

But hold those tears! I am sure I will go Halloween crazy again, and Mexico gives so many beautiful ideas for this special season. I have also prepared something for the weekend, which in a way, summarises these last two years living in London.

With love,


Detail of the pumpkin crown, watercolour and ink.

Detail of the face, blush :) and pumpkin crown.


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