Introducing the Fab Poufs T-Shirts: The 3 Sisters

The number 3 has always had a significant and very important meaning. The design above, is based on the idea of "sisterdom". You see, I have always been fascinated by how women build strong links between them. Being mothers and daughters, being long time best friends, and being sisters. Some time ago, I read an article about how important is for women to preserve the strong links they have with each other.

Some intricate and girly details.

This design also reminds me of a very special group of friends, El Colectivo Cursi (The Sentimental Collective). In times of tears and happiness, we would meet weekly to support and listen to each other, talking about all those issues you could only share with your sister while eating guilt-free large pepperoni pizza and massive scoops of savoury ice cream.

A little bit more of the spirals and face.

Can you notice the beauty spots, and relaxed gaze? This is how you feel among best friends. In this case, you can see that the bond between them rely on their hairdos (but of course!), they lushly blend with each other, but as in real life, sisters cannot always be together.

Each sister has a name which will be introduced in the course of the following days.

Each has a distinctive design and hairstyle.

Each one is a Fabulous Pouf T-Shirt.

I'll keep you posted :)



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