The 3 Sisters Limited Edition T-shirts

I am very happy to introduce The 3 Sisters Limited Edition T-shirts. The original post and information about the design can be found here. Available now and just in time for summer, the t-shirts are 100% organic cotton and ready to enjoy under the sun. The 3 Sisters are The Fab, The Horn and The Poufs. Take these girls for a stroll in the park.

The Fab
The Fab from The 3 Sisters Limited Edition t-shirts.
The Fab, is the first of The 3 Sisters t-shirt series. The design is based on 18th century curled and plaited coiffures surcharged with ribbons, gauze and flowers. The name stands for the lettering on top which goes up and strategically bonds with the hairdo. Don't miss anything and click on the following images. I have also included some pictures of the fabric so you can take a closer look of the actual print.  Scroll down for shopping details.

Click to see the actual print.

The Fab t-shirt is now available here.

The Horn
The Horn from The 3 Sisters Limited Edition t-shirts. 

The second of the Sisters, The Horn, is the middle one. She holds the sisters firmly together with elegance and love. I have named this design in honour of the fiery pronounced horn at the center. Same as above, click on the images to see details.

The Poufs
The Poufs from The 3 Sisters Limited Edition t-shirts.
The last and youngest of the sisters, Mademoiselle Poufs, features hearts, jewels, ribbons and spirals. Her hairdo portrays a little more complexity and stands firmly on delicate rolls on each side. Her name merges with the swirls and large spirals of her massive pouf.

The 3 Sisters Limited Edition T-Shirts.

Each t-shirt has been hand printed with water based black ink on white slim fit 100% organic cotton.

Available in Small, Medium & Large.

Special Features:
  • These original illustrations make this product a perfect gift for sisters, daughters, mums, friends and even brothers (if the mood takes you.) 
  • Limited Edition prints: Only 90 T-shirts available. 
  • Each t-shirt comes with a hand printed paper bag complete with official Fab Poufs logo . 

Please visit my Etsy shop for further details.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the designs or the series.

I would love to make personalised bespoke Poufs for you or a loved one, be it a one of a kind t-shirt, hand painted bag or intricately delicate painting so please get in touch and place your order today :)


  1. I love these! Your illustrations are beautiful, and to have them on t-shirts is a genius idea! :)

  2. Hey Rebecca, thank you so much! glad you like them :)


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