The FP Business Card

They arrived two days ago... My very first business cards under my own company.  It feels quite real once you have these little ones in your hands... I also think they would make a very good impression, don't you think?

I also wanted to let everybody now that tomorrow I am releasing the first designs of the Fabulous Poufs T-shirts. The image will be published in this blog, and the t-shirts will be available next week. Sooo excited! Just a little list for you to notice:

1. They will be limited edition.

2. And they will be quite affordable!

3. The Fabulous Poufs website will be available soon. In the meantime, keep your eyes on my twitter: #Fab_Poufs



  1. great cards! and how exciting about your new t-shirts! can't wait to see them! i also have some t-shirt news :)


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