Not so pretty.

One can find unexpected beams of inspiration while doing the washing up. On Monday, out of nothing and in the midst of soaping and rinsing, some sort of thought led me to think aboutLouise Bourgeois. I have been always fascinated by the idea of being an old woman and still be able to create, nurture and be very opinionated at will.

I stumbled on this particular video of her work on which Tracy Emin explains their collaboration and personality. A true beauty.

With my pregnancy going on, and this big bump looking like a humongous pumpkin, I have given myself permission to wear a black pair of the softest dungarees my good friend Zee lent me some weeks ago.

Dressed like that, I pretty much felt like Mrs Emin sporting confy sleepers in her studio.

This is what it came up from that while watching/listening to both shows.

Having in mind the recent horrendous gang rape cases related to a rise on violence against women in Mexico, I could not help myself to somehow think about how little we have accomplished to lessen street harrasment, sexism and rape in this pretty country of ours.

These drawings are all about rage and body counscioussness.

Please take a moment to read the case of Daphne here and that one of Vice Magazine correspondent Andrea Noel in Mexico City.

See you shortly.



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