Doodling around

Dear everyone,

I have been feeling very enthusiastic discovering the kind side of doodling. Ever since I discovered Creativebug, and this workshop by Pam Garrison, the world of doodles have come on my aid.

As I was just saying on Instagram earlier, I find difficult to take care of a little 2 month baby and finding time to grab my watercolours, acrylics, canvas, brushes, paper and make something.

I have discovered the world of doodling, and I am loving it!

I love the fact that using markers makes the whole process so effective, quick and beautiful. It feels like going back to primary school, or decorating love letters to your favourite boy band. Oh I had plenty of them!

So these are some snaps of my daily life creating in a new studio: MY SOFA! The only place where I can feed my baby and doodle around. I am also sharing some more doodles.



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