Finding time to draw my very pregnant self.

Not too long now. Any day, any minute, I know my little boy will be coming to this world. In the midst of nursery shopping, hospital bag preparations, and final job instructions for my maternity leave, I managed to find some time to do some drawings.

Following my interest on the demonstration against women’s violence in Mexico, I found myself more aware of the possibility of letting myself go and flow with whatever I felt necessary to keep drawing.

At 37 weeks and heavily pregnant, I am giving in the opportunity to explore how my body feels and aches, and how it automatically prepares for labour, contracting and making funny shapes. This has certainly given me some raw material to find inspiration.

Last night I couldn’t go to sleep so I went to the living room, grabbed my A2 pad, carbon stick and sat on the floor. Some interesting characters were born during that tiny time between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m.

This exercise proved better than trying to sleep or rest during the day. Even meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, you name it… This was way better.

Today, as I was cautiously and slowly carrying my 15 kg toddler asleep on one arm, a 2 kg grocery bag on the other and around 3kg of my bump weight, up 16 steps to get home and soaked as rain caught me on my way back, I thought… Wow. we mothers are truly amazing, truly strong and spirited. Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day in Mexico, last Sunday, America celebrated their mothers too.

F*** it. Us mothers, do not need your spa vouchers or last minute holidays, we need equal pay, equal rights, the assurance of walking safely at night. We need equal distribution of parenting and household management. We need access to a good and paid cleaning service otherwise!

Hormonal art, I call it.

I love it.



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