It's coming...

This little story starts like this:

Thursday: I noticed that an old classmate from Goldsmiths, Jacky, had contacted me on Facebook. She sent a message but I couldn't read it. With a baby-turned-toddler and day job set on full blast , I am not very Facebooky these days...

Friday: Read the message. Words were encouraging, with the idea to jump into the colouring book craze. I agreed it was not a bad idea at all and it might be feasible.

(I had thought about it before, but decided to concentrate my business on retail. If I ever start my company with the Poufs, I would better put these ladies on products... I thought)

Friday night: Brainstormed with Matt to quickly put the ideas together and map them out on the canvas business model.

Saturday: First ideas, themes, coming to mind and down to paper.

Sunday and Monday: Drawing, drawing, drawing.

Tuesday: Finished first draft of what could be the start of something cool.

A roller-coaster few days!

I am jumping on the colouring book craze! But more than that, I want to sail my own ship and do my Fabulous Ladies proud.

The ship will set sail on her maiden voyage in some months to come. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the journey.

I will be updating on progress at regular intervals in the coming months.

Please give me your thoughts!



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