English Garden (Behind the scenes)

Good day everybody! As promised, an update of the new adventure. 

It has been two hectic days squeezing some drawing time into a busy schedule, but I can finally say that this Pouf is ready to be presented in the blogosphere! :) 

* * * 

As mentioned in the last post, I am working on a Colouring Book. I have decided that a nice start theme would be The Gardens Of The World. I've decided that the best place to start (actually I do not why) was an English Garden.

Let me walk you through some of the process, which I think might be interesting to share. 

Some drawing inspiration and material used: Selfridges stationary and Edward Gorey - Can you spot him?
Firstly, I had to work on my schedule and this means, that I had to wake up early...earlier...way too early to find proper quiet time. So I started at 5 a.m. However, not everything is perfect, and Emilia just gave me an hour to finish the tracing this morning.  

Lesson learned: When you feel motivated, an early hour is nothing. 

Secondly, I met my inner Art Director. And that means, that I had to keep in mind that the Pouf  I was drawing had a specific intention: deliver a product that everyone will find easy to colour in.  

"Leave more white areas" "Now polish your line" my inner monologue was ticking...

Now the tracing work was hard, it was not fun! This is my first attempt to do it. I've always worked with ink to paper, pretty straightforward. Whatever that line is doing, I would let it be and let it flow. Oh not this time dear, not this time...

Drawing vs Tracing

This time, when the drawing was finished, I felt the need to polish the drawing a bit more. My inner Art Director was giving me a hard time on this one...

So I retraced it.

The full, complete, real thing, will come in a separate post, but I am working on some minor details... so please stay tuned ;)


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