Pouf Crochet (Mrs. Rogers) from the Potpourri Series

Hello friends!

So today we have a fresh Pouf coming right from the oven: behold the "Pouf Crochet" made beautifully -and hastily as my baby was having a nap at the time- with watercolours, ink and a BIC pen. Fantastic!

I must say that this Pouf came to mind while doing the first activity from Lilla Roger's book 'I just like to make things'. The exercise clearly states to cut out the crocheted flowers and glue them onto a piece of paper. However, it didn't feel right to cut my book and instead I found myself instantly inspired (!) and grabbed my A5 notebook to start painting.

It's been some time now that I was willing to attack a large white sheet of paper.

Here it is, hope you enjoy!

Pouf Crochet 2014 by Gaby De la O - Original watercolour and ink

* This is still a work in progress, so you might meet this Pouf again :)

I am also willing to review how this book is working for me. So far, it looks good, but will keep you posted. If you are an artist or designer or somebody who just bluntly likes to create, draws or paints occasionally, you might find this book helpful.


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