Waiting for baby

"Waiting Pouf" by Gaby de la O © 2014

Hello everybody!

This week I started to work on this drawing on my sketchbook while waiting for baby's grand entrance. I scanned it and coloured it on photoshop, preserving the drawing black lines. So there are some pencil and pen bits I didn't choose to get rid of. I guess it gives the drawing a more natural and original feature, rather than a pure digital one.

I also grabbed two fantasy bracelets, one from Accesorize and the other one from a seller in Etsy to use as inspiration for her hairdo.

I hope you can see here what I mean if you compare the two images, the drawing on the left and the bracelets on the right:

Detail. "Waiting Pouf" by Gaby de la O © 2014

* * *

and yes, regarding the waiting game...

Although I am only 3 days overdue today, I am starting to get anxious. I've had some really vivid and odd dreams too for the first time, although I haven't dreamed of my baby yet. My mum arrived last week to help me out. We thought baby was going to arrive on time, but another week has started, so we are all just waiting here trying to keep ourselves busy.

One of the things that I am doing to relax and that I recommend for anybody who is also part of the waiting game is listening to music.

I decided I need more music in my life! My house is a quiet place except when Matt is around. I remembered that I used to listen to Musefm.com some years ago, and their playlists are awesome. Go and check them out, I am currently listening to Saudade.

The following thing I did today to ease the nerves was trying a different workout. I found some nice pregnancy yoga from Body Talk Daily. Each episode lasts 10 min and the instructor, Katy Appleton, is amazing.

Hope it's not too long now!



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