Print and Bake: Fortune Teller Luck Cookies

Fortune Teller Luck Cookies -  Illustration by Gaby de la O © 2013.

You know that time in life when you sort of fall apart with that special person you would not believe it would ever happen with, such as your mother, father, sister or partner? One moment you are super close, and the next one you just don't talk to each other that much. That is what happened to me with my brother just recently. 

My brother and I had been really close since we were two Misfits punksters back in the ICQ era. We started several creative projects together, from publishing fanzines, to recording stoner rock podcasts, and even played in our nerdy sky-is-the-limit fake band called Los Fernanduccis. He also backed me up me several times when I needed a bass player in my metal band "Dagger". 

At some point we parted ways: he went to the Netherlands and after a short stay in Mexico, I left to London. After four years, we find ourselves working together again, more on the corporate side of life.  Of course, our relationship has changed and we both have become adults. While I have turned into my best Audrey Hepburn version, he is more into local design and creative entrepreneurship. 

Long gone are the days when we dreamed of fighting "the Man"...

So I decided that this past Sunday I had to do something about it and for the sake of it, just show that no matter how much we both live apart, he will always be my brother.

I had never cooked anything for him and I found the other day this recipe at LRF (if you haven't visited Sandra's blog, La Receta de la Felicidad, I urgently ask you to go and learn these lovely recipes (both in Spanish and PERFECT English) Gracias SandeeA!

Sugar + butter = luck cookie

I decided that I could entitled the whole project as Fortune Teller Luck Cookies (phew what a name I know! but I stuck to the original idea that came to mind). So as you can see, you basically prepare this with M&Ms :P

And OH DEAR how big these little ones grow after a couple of minutes in the oven. At some point I wanted to stick a fortune note like the Chinese fortune cookies. However, I feared I could poison everyone AND I JUST DIDN'T DO IT.

I obviosuly had to design a card, just in the way I did with my Madeira cake a few weeks ago for my mum. This design just popped in my mind and I drew it as I envisioned it in pure art rapture... Ha!

The idea was to keep a vintage air to the whole concept, and the image of a chubby boy eating a cookie came along!. Once done, I managed to both PRINT the card and BAKE the cookies. There you go! What a proper name for these series!

The not so chubby boy stroke a pose and I think he was very happy with his Sunday surprise!

* * *

José de la O is a designer, and he is currently coordinating interesting projects such as a design podcast, a local project in Tlacotalpan, Veracruz (The Chair that Rocks) and he is currently part of Cooperativa Panorámica. 

Not that I'm bragging about my little bro! ;)

You can visit his studio here



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