Pouf things No. 1: Gold & Nude Palette

Hello! I have decided to start this new project just in case some one out there is interested in Pouf Things.

You see...

I have decided to name "Pouf Things" to everything that inspires me... just nice things really.

So, since I opened my Instagram account, I have published some random photos I have in my collection of what I find lovely and nice. This is the first post of Pouf things in which the palette is Gold and nude.

The Phantom of the Opera? Actually no. The Spanish Casino "Casino EspaƱol" in Mexico City

A drapery dress and a chocolate curtain

A string of pearls and a light camisole

A Cuban smoothie

All photographs were taken by me in different places and time

Please feel free to comment or let me know what you think about this new posts. 

Thank you!


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