Introducing the Fabulous Lady Birds

The Fabulous Lady Birds by Gaby de la O © 2011

Before The Poufs, the Lady Birds were my first drawings. One day, while browsing through Goldsmiths library in the Mythology section, I found The Woman's dictionary of symbols and sacred objects by Barbara G. Walker, which eventually inspired me to draw the Lady Birds. Each lady bird and lettering was based on a unique bird attribute with a symbolism or is specifically related to the concept of The Great Goddess.

Like the idea? Perfect! Let's continue reading.

In ancient times, Goddesses' symbols of female attributes had a special fertility and natural idea which helped people understand how the world changed. It came a time though, due to Christianity that these sacred symbols were immediately, if not replaced or banned, related to witchcraft and sorcery. Old pagan symbols were overlaid and purified. So what I have done here, and in honor of these lost female attributes, I have selected some bird symbols and made the following illustrations.

Note that just like the Poufs, these ladies with their eyes closed are being aware of their thoughts, of their birds they carry which can be read as inspiration, creativity, soul, instinct... a journey to the unconscious. Just as how when one finds it necessary to look deep for our true selves.
Spring time Cuckoo from The Lady Birds Series, Gaby de la O © 2011. 
A Cuckoo: Month of May, courtship, marriage, sacred bird of Hera (Greece) & Juno (Rome). 

Ethereal Dove from The Lady Birds Series, Gaby de la O © 2011
A Dove: A symbol of Peace, a Messenger, a Holy Ghost; can fly long distances...

The Magic Owl from The Lady Birds Series, Gaby de la O © 2011
 An Owl: Oww my favorite! An owl has ben related to Death and omens, while originally, the owl carries the imminent life-death-life cycle: he's a guardian of the afterlife. In Ancient Greece, the owl was related to Athena, the Goddess of wisdom and foresight.

Swan Sweet Dreams from The Lady Birds Series, Gaby de la O @ 2011

A Swan: Both accomplished passion and loss of love, foresight, purity. The sacred bird and lover of Leda (Zeus). It is said that a swan can sing a last song of "unearthy beauty" before it dies.

So, which Lady Bird are you?



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