What is a Fabulous Pouf?


Fabulous Pouf ladies by Gaby de la O

A "Pouf" is an eighteenth century French up-do.

Back in 2011, I started this blog by illustrating ladies with big coiffures and I called them Fabulous Poufs. 

The illustration you see above was my first drawing when I started this blog.

I regard these ladies and her hairdos as the creative soul that sleeps within us and once it is found and unleashed, it cannot be hidden anymore, as it bursts, rolls and blooms intricately turning into a Fabulous Pouf.

Therein, each lady is unique. Each lady has a specific name according to her do and extravagant caprices. Each pouf might carry bugs or might carry sweets. 
Some of them, are eager to celebrate winter holidaysand some of them portray whole menageries.

They do what they please, these Fabulous Poufs :)

That said here, enjoy this blog, je vous en prie!
And until we meet again, 
Leave me a souvenir.

* * *

You can also find an interesting description of a Pouf in this post

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