Some Spring news.


For those of you who have wondered where I have been these past few months oh well… Last time we met I had published some Halloween art, drawings and watercolours. By that time, I was full on creating the drawings that would take part in my colouring book to be released this year. Well, it was soon enough after I posted the Scandinavian Pouf that I found out I was pregnant.

So amidst the rush, the horrors of the fist trimester and a wriggling toddler up and about there was no time left to dedicate my time to do more drawings.

I also decided it was fine to have a break. Maybe you missed it, but I was waking up everyday at 5 a.m. to work on my drawings. I just had to stop.

I also focused on my job which is Managing Director for The Institute, an organisation that comprises 8 english language schools in Mexico.

Life was busy, too busy for the lovely Poufs.

Now I am 7 months pregnant, happily enjoying the first blooms of spring, my toddler being in nursery making friends and catching up with GOT and Call the Midwife. I feel happy and getting as much rest as I can before life changes again with the upcoming arrival of a new baby boy.

I am still drawing and colouring. And I am currently looking for somebody who would like to produce my colouring book.

In the meantime, I will try to have this website as updated as possible.

The shop is always open though! And I do have some watercolours available for sale if you just send me an email.

Will post a gallery of those ones soon enough.

Hope you all are enjoying Spring too.

Gaby xxx


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