The Italian Garden - (Behind the scenes)

Mini-board for The Italian Garden
So this week our Fabulous Pouf for the colouring book project is TA DAAAA! an Italian Garden

I really enjoyed doing the research for this subject! It kind of reminded me of the old times at uni when I was studying Art History reading about Mannerism, the elongated forms, the idea of the house and the garden as a whole, and  most of all, the fantastico!

I particularly love the fountain of Diana from Villa d'Este portrayed above. I loved learning about that mystery book called "Hypnerotomachia Poliphilli" or The Dream of Poliphilus, where the idea of garden design comes from. 

And what can you find in an Italian Garden? The question is, what is it there not to find! Labyrinths, secret gardens, grottos, water tricks and even monsters and giants!

Italian gardens are a veritable wonder. 

Here you can find some images of my notes, my "mio' mini-board and the Pouf. With some luck and extra caffeine, I will be able to finish the ink process, but you can have a glimpse of the almost finished Pouf below:

A presto!

See you at 5 a.m.



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