Lost and found

Dear all,

Some months ago I shared the news of the new acrylic Poufs I have been working on. To be more accurate, that was back in November. By the time I published the Poufs you will see below, I was pretty much hands on working on this medium.

The idea was to offer the Poufs at accesible and reasonable prices for everyone, so I posted the following two ladies on my website. To my surprise, both of them were acquired by a sweet former Art history colleague of mine in Mexico City.

I shipped the Poufs from London, on a sturdy envelope, ready for their travel by the start of December 2014. And then Christmas came, and New Year's. We were already in 2015, and several weeks passed... 2 weeks, 4 more weeks...

My friend contacted me to say she had not received the Poufs by the start of February, so we agreed on a refund.

I sadly thought that these ladies were all gone. I could easily pictured them forgotten in a mountain of old envelopes in a dark corner in Mexico.

Last week, my friend contacted me again. The ladies had showed up!

I guess I had the feeling all the way that these ladies had to make sure to go around Mexico a bit more before reaching their final destination.

Happy funny stuff.


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