Designing your market stall: a mini-guide

Last saturday I took part of the The Craft collective's Craft-mas event at the Telegraph Hill Centre, and I thought I'd share some photos.

Being my first market in London, I decided I'd rather be prepared and designed in advance my little stall.

Its very simple I know, but believe me, planning made a big difference.

For anyone who is interested, I have put here what worked for me in three simple steps. If you are in a rush designing your own stall, you might find this useful.

How to design a little stall for craft markets in 3 steps!

1. Do some visual research.

Firstly, I created a board on Pinterest with some images I found of craft market stalls. I spent around two weeks to look through the images. But it shouldn't take that much if you are on a hurry and need some inspiration.

2. Look for props and decoration in your own home.

I didn't want to splurge on decorations, so I just got some LED tea-lights on Ebay and a card display. I also browsed in the drawers and kitchen of my own house to see what I could use. I was amazed to find many bits and bobs that turned to work just right.

3. 'Test' your stall

One of the things that really worked for me was practising on how my stall would look like. I did this one day before, but ideally it should be done sooner. I took a photograph on my iphone that served me as a guide the following day.

I want to thank the Craft Collective for the opportunity to join Craftmas, we had fabulous time!

See you next time! x


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