One day - Advice for baby daughter no. 1

A long time ago, I wrote these note to self:

"Don't worry too much (about that breakup, the sleepless nights, the sadness that follows, the emptiness in your heart)...One day you won't be caring about it that much. (You will find yourself very happy of what you will be doing that day. You won't be checking your phone every 5 min to see if he's called. And it doesn't matter if he is not doing the same. Because by then, the important thing is that you won't care either). Don`t be afraid to turn your head, one last time. One day, you won't care at all"

I thought it could be a good idea to create some posts in this blog about what I have learned and somehow share some stories and pass them to my daughter. However, I know that most of the time, children turn out to be the greatest teachers.

* * *
I started this drawing last week on my sketchbook and added this text today. The drawing is based on a very old book called La coiffure française illustrée from 1913. I have modified the up do a little bit. I made this with watercolours and ink, adding my favourite colours which are purple, lilac, and some bright greens. As I said before, a Pouf is all about your story, your past, your present, your future and your dreams.

 This Pouf seems to look away... a final glimpse to the past.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Love that quote, really inspirational.


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