Tunes and Inspiration: my drawing playlist

Hello everybody! I have been thinking to share some of the songs I like to listen when I am drawing. Have a look, maybe you will find something you know, something you don't know or something that you didn't expect at all.

Secret Cinema - (Lost) Soundcloud Radio
I rediscovered my skills to draw while listening to Secret Cinema's stream of what it looked like an old thirties or forties soviet radio. The show encompassed both old jazz songs and more experimental music. It was a delight to listen to! too bad I can not find it anywhere :( In any case, here's two experimental spacey tunes you might find attractive:

Weakling Flier - Blanck Mass

Battery Point - Beak>

And now here come the girly tunes :) I really enjoyed to listen to First Aid Kit and Warpaint because they are such a instant feel-good songs, so these are my favourites:

Emmylou, First Aid Kit

But probably what I always enjoy to listen to are the cracking songs from the twenties and thirties, Billie Holliday, a long time favourite, and Benny Goodman:

Have a nice day!



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