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This time, the Fabulous Poufs projects brings you a special blog entry :) The story takes place in a small museum in the vicinity of my hometown.  The museum is called "Casa Museo Maria Enriqueta", a very small and lovely place located in Coatepec, a small city near Xalapa, Veracruz. 

I arrived at 11:00 sharp, and knocked the old door that serves as the entrance to the museum-house. I was offered a guide tour by a small young woman who was on her own. I learned that the house was transformed into a museum to honour the memory and work of a late 19th century Mexican poet, Maria Enriqueta Camarillo y Roa de Pereyra. Yes, that would be her complete name: maiden and married.

A Modernist, with a Romantic spirit, Maria Enriqueta was an eager writer who was born in a highly educated literary family. She received a classic, fin-de-si├Ęcle, lady's education: painting, piano, literature and elementary French.

(Clockwise) A photo, one of her most emblematic portraits. My guide said she was so shy to pose that she usually turned away from the camera. (Top right) A lovely chair :), (Middle) view of the museum's tropical garden (bottom) her husband, historian Carlos Pereyra, (left) her Victor typewriter and finally, my favourite part of the house, the old viewpoint. (Casa Museo Maria Enriqueta, Zaragoza 5, Coatepec, Ver.)
She met her future husband in northern Mexico and fell madly in love with him. However, she was quiet and shy, so she wrote a poem and had it published in a newspaper. He read the poem and alas, they got married shorlty after.  It struck me to find out that their life together survived not only the Mexican Revolution, but the First World War when he was appointed ambassador in Belgium and later and the Spanish Civil War as they lived in Madrid during those horrific years. Maria Enriqueta is amongst the prolific group of artists who were born in Veracruz. She is better known for her book "Roses of Infancy", a primary school book which was read all abroad Mexico during the first half of the century.

So, I decided to create a pouf based on her story :) My version of Maria Enriqueta, is a very delicate and very very intricate one (that much I started to use glasses to get on with the drawing)  I really liked her photo (see picframe above) so I based the drawing on a close up and more elaborate profile portrait. I preserved her shyness, but dared to work her hair in a way that ends ups portraying her creativity (I think) fuelling with flowers, grapes and small leaves.

Maria Enriqueta by Gaby De la O © 2013. Illustration from an original drawing.

Maria Enriqueta by Gaby De la O © 2013. Detail.

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