A Queen

Amidst some very uncertain times, there is always a way to find some certainty. It is not there, where you wanted it to be, but within you. Yes, it sounds absolutely cliché and ridiculous and also personal. But this is what happened to me just now.
So the story goes like this.

Just recently, my mother gave me a large box where she had stored all my past. Baby books, high school letters, confidante letters, love letters, diaries and loose photos which are dated a zillion years ago. In between the teen magazines and Trapper Keepers, I noticed two big wrapped objects. I knew what they were: a fantasy crown and sceptre from the time when I was queen of my local 
Rotary Club.

Somehow I managed to move on from everything that reminded of all those dreadful years, as I always felt ridiculously ugly, fat and naive. But now that I see the old photos again, I thought to myself that I was quite a beautiful young lady.

It is awkward to see yourself when you were young and dreamy, and to realize how little one can change in a handful 20 years or so.
A small drawing I have been working on since.

Then I asked myself how it would feel to unwrap my old crown and wear it again.

After taking it out from my Mother’s careful packaging I placed it on my head and I immediately understood why wearing a crown makes you feel so special. You really have to hold your head up high, giving you an instant pride boost.

As I saw myself in the mirror, I thought “Well, this is not that bad, this is not ridiculous at all. Yes I am wearing a big crown, and I love it”.

And it just occurred to me, that very minute of what a silly face I’ve been all these years, I was already wearing a pouf back then.




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