The Pouf-Modes Series: Madame Perruque

In a very fin de siècle air, the series Pouf-Modes are coming out this month. “Perruque” stands for wig in French, and Madame P just came out from the hairdresser.

I like to think she spent several hours at the Perruquier, where she awaited patiently for her do to be twirled and pouffed up. She chose some horns of plenty, pumpkins and some fall fascinators, as she longs for autumn leaves already.

Madame also asked for a delicate and almost nude palette for her eyes and cheeks, and a touch of drama for her painted black lips. She embraces her eccentricity which she, honestly, finds quite liberating.

More stories yet to come!

Madame is available as a print in my Etsy shop. You can see here how it looks :)

Madame Perruque is a Fabulous Pouf from The Pouf-Modes series coming out this month. Gaby De la O © All rights reserved 2012.


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