Pouf Valentine 2012

Pouf Valentine, 2012 by Gaby De la O. Illustration.

Oh well, a pouf to make relish the winter: Pouf Valentine 2012. Simple.

I think this should be a suitable time to let you know a little bit about the process of drawing my Poufs. Of course, it all starts on a piece of paper. This time, and out of the blue, I grabbed just a bond paper from my folks printer. As they started to have dinner, I joined them drawing. I have kept reminding myself on making a Pouf Valentine for this year... and that it popped up instantly.

Original drawing on plain humble bond paper with watercolours. 

My main objective for this one, was keeping it simple, until, oh-oh... I recalled that old song, that really utterly cheesy nineties song from that French Kiss movie with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline: Les Yeus Ouverts. Just because we want to keep stylish and fancy here, Ill just redirect you dears to a more hush-hush version by Enzo Enzo.

To my content, there hasn't been any year I miss to dedicate some minutes or days or an entire month to listening to it since I first heard it. And those words you see as part of the drawing are part of the lyrics... I love the way erreur came beautifully. The drawing makes a perfect match for the chatty Pouf created last year.

Some details

And anyway, I wish you my best for this year's February 14th! So remember to pour the wine, eat beautifully, set the mood, tra la la, and thank me for suggesting this song for your special soirĂ©e to top it all! Have a Fabulous Valentine's Day.


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