Madame Pouf's Hideout

Madame Pouf's Hideout, 2012.
Illustration from my sketchbook.

She was absent… 

Oh dear, it has been weeks since we heard any news from her. Reason is, the onerous moving up and down of things and the most salient relocation of a wild soul one, Tom├ís, who now loosely dozes off after being subject to an arduous bumpy road.  

Madame Pouf has moved out and she has turned into a sinous creature too. The area that surrounds her, depicts a palette of smoky blues and honey milk hues. She has decided to spiced it up with some foggy reds here and there. "This place must be", she says, "the most special stronghold I have ever lived in". Welcome madame, since it is from this tower, where you will reign.

Cuckoo! she has gone a bit eccentric too ;)


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