Un Pouf à Plume

Le Pouf à Plume, 2011 by Gaby De la O. 
Acrylic, ink, watercolour on canvas, 7 x 5'

A new Pouf for my gallery, Le Pouf à Plume which can be translated as  "Pouf and Feather". Painted entirely with acrylic, the usual pigment inks and a basic watercolour layer moisted with some tea :) this pouf is my first Pouf mexicaine.

This one took a while to create... She has even traveled, comfortably I want to believe, and decided to change from having a bright blue background to feature some dark crimson gradient instead. I absolutely love the crisp gold on her hair, which contrast with her contemplative air. This lady has proved to be lusciously opulent in hair décor as you can see below.

Enjoy and spread the love :)


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