Bal Masqué (after Mr. Beardsley)

Bal Masqué by Gaby De la O © 2011
Illustration from an original ink on paper, 210 x 297 mm.

I am very sure that most of you will understand why this Pouf is called "after Beardsley" just by looking at it. Disguise, mask and elegance, all these features burst from Aubrey Beardsley's style.

I have been a profound admirer of his work and life since I studied Art History, and having seen most of his prints at the V&A's exhibition The Cult of Beauty this summer I guess, made me drawing this Pouf. 

Beardsley's revival, means that we can connect the dots of most of all aesthetic of the last 60 years. If you are an aesthetic cultist - mexican artiste decadente like me ;), names such as Edward Gorey or Tim Burton can pop up immediately. 

In any case, this Pouf retains the intricate detail on the hair (Gaby's eyes: "extremely intricate this time") and large black strokes. You can find some detail below. Enjoy!

Detail of hair, both in ink and pencil (left) and worked in Photoshop (right)

Two pictures of the before and after of the Pouf. The one to the left depicts some pencil work. 


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