Some news...


Cou Cou!

I know I haven't posted anything for quite a while. A combination of two words, internship and dissertation has prevented me from posting some news. I am finally getting to the end of my MA in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths, which means I will be experimenting some radical changes. But, at the same time, I feel very glad I will have some time to draw and come back with new (creative) products.

I am also very happy to have been discovered this little bit of me that I didn't recognized before: Ambition ;)

Let's see where that bit take me, but for now, I'll keep you posted ;)

Envisioning a somehow early fall mood, I have posted this beautiful Macaron lady. The french words are some notes I did while listening to a podcast. I love French -I know I'm not the only one! - no, seriously, I love it.



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