Introducing my Fabulous Poufs!

I am very glad to present The Fabulous Poufs Series, or, as I call them "Fab Poufs". The image comes from an original design in black and white, and it is the first drawing of the series. As you can see, the hair is very Rococó-Marie Antoinette style, hence the name of the series.

I think brilliant ideas are born this way. They just bloom beautifully from your head.

I am looking forward to hear from you. I would love to hear your comments on where you would fancy these series to be printed. You can either contact me through gabydelaoc(at) or post your comment in this post. I would appreciate if you post it in English so everybody will be able to understand each other :)

Remember every time you want to find the series, bear in mind that you can search for it under the following tags #fabpoufs #fabolouspoufs #handmadedrawings



  1. I love your Fabulous Pouf Gaby! and the name is wicked :)) I never saw your drawings before u are amazing!

  2. Gabster these are GREAT!!! Good for you.

  3. Hey girls, thanks for being the first visitors to my blog :)

  4. Increiblemente hermosos, Gaby!
    WOW! no creí que manejaras este estilo, además del arte que ya te conocía. sin duda, aquí hay futuro, mucho.
    un beso y muchos abrazos, mi amiga.

  5. Gracias Fer! no olvides seguir visitando :)


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